With a commitment to sustainable design, we create communities in harmony with the environment.

Our intention is to build strategic partnerships among architectural firms, contractors, owners and developers who are minded toward the new sustainable technologies in the area of engineering.


Founded in 2005, Hariton Engineering has spanned all areas in engineering innovation.  We have found that every project has its own unique circumstance and complex natures. Because of this, we understand that there really is no such thing as a “typical” engineering task. That’s why we view every new project with fresh perspective and approach. We help identify all potential problems so we can apply a fix BEFORE we ever wire up a single switch or lay in one inch of pipe. This philosophy has helped us save clients thousands of dollars in materials, time and headaches! Please click below to learn more about each of our individual specialties.

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    We have expertise in the following areas:

    • Power Infrastructure Design
    • Lighting Systems
    • Photovoltaic Systems
    • Emergency Systems Design
    • Reliability Studies
    • Cogen Systems Design

    • Energy Analysis
    • Displacement Air Distribution Systems
    • Mixed-Mode Cooling Solutions
    • Central Plants
    • Acoustically Sensitive Spaces

    • Hot and Cold Water Systems
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Sanitary Sewer Systems
    • Storm Water Systems
    • Process Gas and Liquid Handling, Purification and Storage Equipment
    • Fire Suppression Systems

    • Data Voice Audio Visual Cabling/Wiring
    • Overhead Paging Systems
    • CCTV Cabling

    • MEP Commissioning



    We care about the current state of the environment and what the future looks like. We are a committed team that will bring the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to each project. Implementation and sustainability doesn’t have to be achieved by breaking the bank.


    A client’s aesthetic and comfort requirements are of utmost importance to Hariton Engineering. We strive to seamlessly integrate our systems in the building’s architecture to provide outstanding results. Our goal is to make net-zero design the standard in the construction industry.


    Hariton Engineering continues the collaborative process with its team and clients from the moment we get the project. Keeping the project running smoothly is crucial to us, and Hariton Engineering starts the process by collaborating with our industry partners, local jurisdictions and clients’ representatives.


    Hariton Engineering provides functional and practical solutions while focusing on simplicity and innovation. For us, sustainability and functionality run hand-in-hand. We fully embrace and meet head-on the challenges that implementation, functionality, and sustainability presents.


A sample of our most recent projects.


Celestin Hariton

Celestin Hariton, P.E.


Hariton Engineering’s mission is to create an engineering design firm that focuses on environment first.

Education: B.S. in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Northridge

Interests: Running marathons

Kevin Fishberg


A second-generation top professional that has over 25 years of experience in architectural electrical engineering.

Education: Certifications in various fields of study, including MEP architectural engineering and real estate.

Interests: Sailing, Skiing, Golf, Music
EJC 2018

Eunice Joshua Clarke


Creates and manages operational strategy, marketing, team structure and procedures.

Education: MBA Candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.Ed., University of Southern California, B.A, Humanities, LMU

Interests: Writing, Jazz, Travel
Jeanne 2

Jeanne Hariton


Provides client-focused business planning and development for growth.

Education: Master of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge; Bachelors of Architecture, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Interests: Art, British Drama

Minerva Rodas


The President/CEO's administrator who coordinates projects while working closely with clients and the Hariton team.

Education: Pursuing a degree in Business at Ashford University

Interests: Going on road trips
Serj 2

Serj Hartoonian


Creates strategic systems, processes and tools to deliver optimal results.

Education: CalCTP-AT certified; B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cal State University, Northridge; Associates of Arts, Mathematics from LA Valley College

Interests: The great outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends

Aditya Mehta


Develops, creates and works closely with clientele to produce the best electrical design for each project.

Education: M.S in Electrical Engineering from Cal State University, Los Angeles; B.E. from Gujarat Technological University; cleared “FE-Electrical” license examination

Interests: Listening to music and exploring new places

Veronica Tirlea


Coordinate plans and designs on mechanical, electrical, and plumbing projects.

Education: Master of Engineering, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest; Bachelor of Engineering, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

Interests: Math, Chess, Travel



Electrical Design Engineer

HARITON ENGINEERING INC. is an environmentally-conscious consulting engineering firm, passionate about sustainability and net-zero energy design.  Our “Commitment to Sustainability” and contribution to caring for the environment is evident in every job we do.  Hariton’s main focus is to develop efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions to build supporting viable systems.

Currently, we are looking for an experienced electrical design engineer.  Our candidate must be independent yet collaborative, efficient, hard-working, and have experience with both large and small engineering firms.  Additional requirements:

Prepare projects on Electrical systems of industrial, commercial and residential projects; discuss with engineers, customers, or others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects or products; gather data and write reports regarding existing or potential electrical engineering studies or projects; prepare technical drawings, specifications of electrical systems; utilizing electrical power systems knowledge gained from studies; preparing electrical designing in AutoCAD software and also installation of generators and transformers; designing and implementing projects from start to finish under the guidance of the principal engineer, and is responsive to clients requirements; work proficient in electrical design, panel designing, single line diagrams and concepts of California electrical codes; provide the company with professional presentation; Work using the latest versions design software such as AutoCAD and Revit along with other technological devices; confer with principle engineers, customers, or other to discuss existing or potential engineering project or products; Collects and prepares data/information and performs detailed design calculations; organize or train project team as necessary; perform detailed calculations to compute and establish manufacturing, installation standards or specifications; oversee project production efforts to guarantee projects are completed on time and within budget.

Requirements: Masters degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related field and  6 months experience as Electrical Drafter, Electronics Engineer, Project Engineer, or related occupation.


Mail resume to:

Hariton Engineering Inc.

456 E. Orange Grove Blvd #301

Pasadena CA 91104

Attention: Human Resources Department


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